About Horsehair Jewelry

Horsehair jewelry is made from hair collected from a horse’s mane and tail. Horsehair has a smooth texture and a soft luster. It comes in a variety of colors – black, white and subtle shades of brown. Strands of horsehair are woven into braids to form bracelets, necklaces, earrings and barrettes. The art of horsehair weaving dates back to the Victorian era. Braiding is done by hand, creating the most intricate of patterns. The popular styles include three-strand, French, square, half-round and round braids.

Horsehair jewelry is made prettier and more valuable by interweaving the braids with pearls, gems or beads made of gold and silver. Finally, gold or silver clasps are woven at the two ends of the braid to make wonderful bracelets and necklaces. Suitable pendants can also be woven into the necklaces. Bracelets made of horsehair are quite elastic and fit perfectly on wrists. Barrettes made of horsehair perfectly complement a woman’s hair. They can be chosen to match or contrast with any hair color. Horsehair jewelry is quite strong and long-lasting.

A bracelet can be made using a hundred strands of horsehair around 15 inches long. A necklace can also be crafted using a hundred strands, but they should be at least 26 inches long. The horsehair can be clipped in bunches from the mane or tail, and it doesn’t hurt the horse a bit.

Horsehair jewelry is a beautiful and tasteful embellishment, and can be a meaningful present for horse-lovers.