Glow Stick Necklaces

Glow stick necklaces are made by bending the glow stick tubes to get the desired shapes and structures. During this procedure, the stick breaks and hydrogen peroxide in the stick gets released and the chemical reaction begins. This chemical reaction emits electrons in the form of energy and produces light. China has put thrown its hat into this market and is the leading manufacturer of glow lights and glow stick necklaces.

Glow stick necklaces have a reputation and recognition in the market for their quality. They are frequently used during special events and parties. They are used by kids during concerts and other events. The glowing capacity of these necklaces is around 4-6 hrs. They are available in varied colors like red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white and orange. Glow stick necklaces are also used in sporting events. They are very useful during power failure. The glowing capacity is based on the size and temperature. Children under 5 are restricted from using it.

The glowing capacity depends on the composition and the quality used in it. Glow stick necklaces always make parties livelier. Displaying glow stick necklaces helps to raise a huge amount at a concert. Glowing neon necklaces have their own way of respect amidst other forms of jewelry. They can be considered as the best promotion items. In an event where kids are involved, one can sell glow stick necklaces and earn a big turnaround.

Glow stick necklaces have a shelf life of one to four years if the wrapper is not damaged. Shelf life is also based on the size and the type of product used. The quality products are wrapped tightly in airtight wrappers. The glow stick necklaces are sensitive to light and hence they should be kept in packages at room temperature to retain their glowing capacity.